Choosing A Bounce House Rental Company.

User guide for choosing the right bounce house rental company.

Choosing the right bounce house company

By Antjuan Koger

Where to start when choosing a bounce house rental company?

Yes, the time has come for you to start planning for that special event. As you can imagine, everyone wants to make their party one to remember, but find themselves not getting very far and overwhelmed.  Well, nowadays, a party without a bounce house or some sort of inflatables isn’t a party. Bounce house rentals are a great way to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. But where do you start?

Most people turn to the internet in order to located an inflatable company. Which in most cases is the best and fastest way to shop for event rentals and among other things. So, just like I predicted, you most likely stumbled upon several inflatable rental companies. As you browse through the different websites you notice very quickly that their seems to be a slight and in some cases large discrepancy in prices between the different bounce house rental companies offering comparable products.  The rule of thumb is, “if it seems to good to be true, it is.” Extremely low prices for event rental equipment should be a red flag for any consumer. We all want a bargain, but at what cost? 

Cleaning Inflatable Bounce Houses

The differences between bounce house rental companies.

Running an inflatable rental company can be very labor intensive. Although bounce houses may seem simple, in actuality, there are a lot moving parts involved.

Cleanliness is one of the first areas you will see companies cutting corners. Like I mentioned earlier, bounce houses are very labor intensive to maintain. Inflatables require a lot of  man hours scrubbing and disinfecting after every use. With that said, some companies just can’t afford to hire employees to clean their rental equipment due to low prices.


Zero complaints. Everything went seamlessly. Guys arrived exactly when they said they would to install, and it took no time at all. They came back to pick it up at 6:00 pm on the dot, which we appreciated since we had plans later in the evening. They cleaned everything up and it was as if nothing had been sitting there at all. The bouncy castle and slide was a huge hit with the kids, and everyone had a blast. Thank you!


by Gina
on 8/3/2019″

Safety, Safety, Safety

Secondly, and the most important topic is safety. Over the years we have noticed companies cut corners in this area in which could have potentially serious consequences. Every inflatable or bounce house requires some sort of anchoring no if, ands, or buts. Make sure the company you choose is properly anchoring their equipment. 

How to choose a bounce house rental company
Asphalt anchoring for a large inflatable water slide.

Anchoring inflatables depends on the surface type. Grass setups are the preferred location for bounce houses; however, inflatables can be installed on almost any smooth level surface. It is not uncommon to see bouncies installed on asphalt, concrete, grass, and even aggregate driveways. Gravel areas should be avoided at all cost. 

Installing an inflatable on grass

If your event will be utilizing a grassy area your rental company should be anchoring the inflatables by using stakes. Minimum stake length used should be at least 18 inches long for bounce houses. Inflatable slide and larger inflatable may require 36 inch long stakes. If you have underground irrigation, be sure to mark those locations for your event rental company or opt for the sandbag method.

Other surfaces

There are times where a grassy area may not be available. If this is the case, it is highly recommend to use an alternative anchoring method. An responsable inflatable company should  provide properly weighted sandbags in lue of stakes. This a very important part of the service and should not be overlooked. 

Bounce House Rentals Near me
Inflatable slide anchored in grass.

Find and licensed company.

Every event rental company in the state of Tennessee is required by law to have their equipment inspected by a certified 3rd party inspector. Also, required by Tennessee state law is generally liability insurance. Liability insurance can be very expensive and this is another area where we notice providers cutting corners. Every event rental company should have a copy of their certificate of liability insurance available and required to provide a copy when requested. With that said, do not be afraid to ask for proof.

Certificate of insurance
Sample copy of a certificate of insurance.