Photo Mosaic Wall

"Revamp Your Events with our Interactive Photo Mosaic Wall: Uniting Teams, One Pixel at a Time!"

Photo Mosaic wall

Let’s create a breathtaking masterpiece with the photo mosaic wall. Our photo mosaic wall creates stunning digital and physical mosaics live in real time.  Photos can be fetched from Twitter and Instagram using custom hashtags or on-site using a photo booth and/or photographers. 

Awesome for brand activations

Use Event Photos To Create A Photo Mosaic Wall

Guests can use a custom hashtag of your choosing to send photos and selfies to the printer kiosk. Guests may also utilize the text message feature to send photos as well.

Photo Mosaic Wall Rentals
Photo Mosaic Wall

Any Size Mosaics

Standard size mosaics are 50″ x 50″ or 9ft x 6ft. However, we can make any size mosaic wall. We can make them as big as you want.

Interactive Mosaic Experience

The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board.

Photo Mosaic Wall Rentals
Mosaic wall Rentals

Live Physical Mosaics

The live physical mosaics are an awesome way to engage your guest at any event. Event guest can take part in the creation process by adding their photos, placing them on the wall, and watching the masterpiece come together. The final mosaic board can be framed by the event host for a souvenir and work of art.

Live Photo Mosaic

High Quality Digital Mosaics

The mosaic software generates the event photos in real time as they come in and displays in their correct location with amazing 3D animation. The live digital slideshow will be available online during and after the event.

Viewers from around the world can join in and take part in the action right along side the guests that are currently at the event in real time.

Mosaic Wall Rentals

Our team is eager to help you build a fully customized experience with our new photo mosaic wall.

Whether you are using the photo mosaic wall for a corporate brand activation, a wedding, church anniversary, our music festival, our mosaic wall will hold a memorable impression and create a unique experience. Our fully trained staff will guide you from the idea stage to the final output at the event, ensuring that the end product aligns with your vision. Contact us today for a quote!

Mosaic Gallery

Photo Mosaic Photos

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need a photographer?

No, photographers are not mandatory to operate our photo mosaic wall. If you’d like a more traditional experience, you can definitely add one of our photographers or use your personal photographer.


How much does this cost?

Pricing varies depending on several factors.

  • Is a photographer needed? If so, how many?
  • Event duration- 4  hour event or  multi-day event
  • Add ons- Photo Booth, Props, Green screen, etc…
  • Mosaic size
  • Physical Mosaic vs Digital Mosaic

Can I use any photo for my mosaic ?

Yes and no. Some photos make better mosaic than others. Our team will work with your event coordinator in the photo selection process to make sure your mosaic turns out amazing.  Your mosaic photo needs to be a high resolution image.


Are Digital Mosaic Offered?

Yes, we offer digital mosaic as well as physical mosaic walls. Your event photos will be displayed as a 3D slideshow on a 65 inch monitor. Clients receive a final digital copy of the mosaic in resolutions up to 27k.

What Sizes Are Available?

Common sizes are 50″ x 50″ and 6FT x 9FT. However, we offer custom mosaic sizes as well. Our team can help create the perfect mosaic wall for your event.

Live Photo Mosaic Wall

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