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Tennessee Bounce Parties now offers foam parties! Create a unique and memorable event with our new foam machine. Our foam solution is organic, non-toxic, and tear-free making it safe for everyone! Add some music, the foam pit, and our LED color-changing light system and get the party started today!

  • Foam Machine
  • 50 Gallon Drum
  • 2 Powder Foam Packs

Each foam pack produces 50 gallons of foam, which provides 45 mins of continuous foam use.

Note: Foam Machine does not need to run continuously, only long enough to cover the desired area or to fill the foam pit

Add additional powder pack. $25 per pack

(water hose and water supply not included)

Some items are not available on this date.
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Foam Parties for Rent

Did you know!!!

All Event Rental Companies Must Be Compliant With The State of TN In Order to Operate Legally.

  • Equipment Must Be Inspected and Permitted!
  • Must Carry Liability insurance!
  • Must Follow All Industry Guidelines!

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