Company Policies

Tennessee Bounce Parties cannot guarantee weather conditions.  If rain or high winds are in the forecast of at least 60% for the day of your event, you may cancel as late as the morning of the event, as long as the cancellation takes place before 7am. If you are unable to reach a team member by phone, please leave a message, send a text to (615)438-3116, or email us at We contact customers the day before events to confirm delivery; you may also cancel your event then.  In the case that your event is cancelled due to inclement weather before 7am the day of your event, your deposit converts to a gift card from Tennessee Bounce Parties.  We usually leave the decision up to you, but in cases of heavy rain or high wind, we cannot set up an inflatable.**** Tennessee Bounce Parties has the right to cancel any event due to bad weather conditions that are deemed not safe by our safety staff. This includes but not limited to (Rain, High Winds, and Temperatures below 50 Degrees.) If the equipment is delivered by Tennessee Bounce Parties crew members and accepted by the customer, then the customer shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever if weather conditions prohibit the safe use of the equipment, or if the customer elects not to use the equipment due to weather or other causes. 

It is customer’s responsibility to contact Tennessee Bounce Parties to cancel their order by 7am or go through with the reservation during these rain/inclement weather days. If customer decides to cancel the order once a Tennessee Bounce Parties driver has arrived, then the required deposit will be forfeited to pay employees who have already gone through the work of loading, delivering, and unloading. 

*Inclement weather policy does not apply to indoor events or rental items not affected by the weather. Our  weather policy does not include temperatures that are too hot or too cold. 

Your safety is our number one concern. Therefore, TBP Events reserves the right to make the final decision on weather related cancellations. The final decisions will normally not be made until 24 hours before the party date and time in most cases because the weather can change. 

When making decisions about weather related event cancellations, we factor in: 

  • The size and type of event requiring time to reschedule or plan. 
  • The safety of the event where conditions include high wind, lightning or soggy ground.  
  • The type of precipitation expected: possible showers, few showers, scattered showers, light showers, showers, possible rain or scattered rain 59% or less during your party times are not grounds for cancellation. Rain, thunderstorms and/ or severe Storms 60% or more during your party times do qualify.   
  • The estimated wind speed including wind gusts measured by local airport radars and or for your area or party location. 
  •  The type of item(s) rented. 

Deposit: A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required for all orders. The deposit is credited towards your total bill.  Deposits may change during the busy holidays such as July 4th, Halloween, etc. A credit card number is required to be placed on file for security reasons. 
Credit Card/ Debit Cards: All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Customers may pay balances online, by phone, or to the driver the day of delivery. 
Checks: Tennessee Bounce Parties will gladly accept cashier’s checks and money orders. We’re sorry, but we are unable to accept personal checks at this time. Customers can pay upon delivery with either form of payment. Company checks are accepted (schools, churches, etc.). 
Cash: Cash is accepted and a preferred method of payment. Customers can pay upon delivery with cash.

Your event is very important to us. When you book with us, we reserve your equipment for the date and time of your specification. In order to ensure that we continue to provide excellent service, we have updated our policies. 

Standard Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 

Our event date change policy allows for changes to be made to your event date, however, a fee will be charged for any date changes made once you have reserved an item. This fee covers administrative costs and ensures we can continue to provide high-quality service.

  • Events canceled or rescheduled 30 days or more before your event date will be charged 25% of the total rental price. The remaining 25% will be issued as a gift card to be used towards a future event date.
  • Events canceled or rescheduled between 15-29 days before your event will be charged 35% of the total rental price. The remaining 15% will be issued as a gift card.  
  • Events canceled or rescheduled 14 days or fewer before your event date will be charged 50% of the total rental price. Any remaining balance paid can be issued as a gift card or refunded to the card used at booking. 

Please note that rental items for your original event date will be on hold until the new date is confirmed and the fee is paid. To make a change, please contact us by phone or email and provide us with your new preferred date. We will check availability and confirm the new date. We cannot guarantee that the equipment will be available; however, we are happy to substitute for items of equivalent or greater value only.

An invoice for the fee will be added to your contract and must be paid within 7 days to secure the new date. 

If inclement weather is present the day of the party (heavy rain above 60% or high wind above 15mph) you have the option to reschedule the event. Any balance paid will be applied to your newly scheduled rental date. 


Item Exchange or Item Removal

Any customer who wishes to exchange or remove an item from their contract after it has been signed will be subject to a fee of the respective item. This policy is designed to compensate for potential loss of revenue resulting from changes made to contracted items.

  • Items removed or exchanged 30 days or more before your event date will be charged 25% of the total rental price for that item(s) removed. 
  • Items removed or exchanged between 15-29 days before your event will be charged 35% of the total rental price for the item(s) removed. 
  • Items removed or exchanged 14 days or fewer before your event date will be charged 50% of the total rental price for the item(s) removed. 

The fee will be added to your contract and the price for the replacement item will be added. 

All entertainment services are nonrefundable. This includes face painters, balloon artists, petting zoos, caricature artists, food trucks, DJs, and magicians. 


You can reserve an inflatable and/or equipment anytime. You will need a credit card on file to hold items and a 50% deposit. If you want to reserve a particular item, we recommend that you reserve it in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests. 


Starting June 1, 2023, schools paying with a school check or through procurement can have their deposit waived. However, a signed contract and written confirmation via email are still required to reserve equipment rentals. School representatives must express their chosen payment method in the written confirmation. Without a signed contract, school bookings will not be confirmed. We aim to simplify the process while maintaining exceptional service. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our team.

At this time, we only offer customer pickups for tables, chairs, concession items, and small non-inflatable games. We do not offer customer pick-up for any of our inflatable equipment; we take care of the delivery and setup to ensure safety.. 

Delivery fees are determined by calculating mileage from the Tennessee Bounce Parties facility to the physical address of the event. 

Depending on your order, our drivers will arrive no later than 30 minutes before your event time. On days of high volume, our drivers can arrive and setup as early as 7am and pick up as late as 12am at night. We notify all event contact persons 24 to 48 hours before the event with delivery details. Please be sure to have the best contact information available for our staff when booking. 

SETUP AND PICK UP TIMES ARE NON- NEGOTIABLE!!!!  All of our customers’ events are equally important. We hope you understand that even with multiple delivery trucks, we can not arrive at everyone’s event at the same time to set up and pick up. If you request an exact time other than the delivery window given, there will be a $100.00 convenience charge. 

WAIT TIME Our delivery drivers are expected to arrive on time and wait for a reasonable amount of time for customers to be available to receive the equipment at the designated delivery location. If you have not arrived or are not available to receive the equipment within 10 minutes of the scheduled delivery time, our driver will attempt to contact you to confirm your location and estimated time of arrival. If you are unable to be reached or have not arrived within 20 minutes after they have arrived on site, the driver may leave the location and consider the delivery cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.


If you arrive to your location after the driver has left, you will be required to contact us to see if we can reschedule the delivery and will be subject to additional fees. We cannot guarantee that our driver will be able to return to your location after they have left.

We serve the following areas: Nashville, La Vergne, Antioch, Franklin, Brentwood, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Madison, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Old Hickory, Belle Meade, Lebanon, Thompson’s Station, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, and Nolensville. 

Equipment cannot be moved by Customer after placed by Tennessee Bounce Parties employees. Equipment will be anchored initially by Tennessee Bounce Parties and the anchors MUST NOT be removed during period of use. 

Never use during high winds, gusty winds, thunderstorms or lightening. The equipment can turn over in high winds, even if anchored, and this could result in severe injuries to users. Do not resume use until adverse weather conditions have ceased. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines located on the equipment itself. 

Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using Tennessee Bounce Parties equipment. There should be a mature and responsible adult supervising the operation of the Equipment at all times. Never allow the users to be unsupervised in or around the equipment. Never allow more users than the maximum number of users per age group as described in your contract and on the Manufacturer’s Guidelines Located On The Equipment Itself. Do not allow horseplay on, in, or around the equipment. Always follow the directions for use on the equipment itself. 

Only children of the same age group are allowed to play on the equipment at the same time. The number of participants allowed in the Equipment is as follows (Chart is only a guide), refer to manufacturers guidelines located on the equipment itself. 

Before entering the equipment, participants should remove their shoes, eye glasses, jewelry, belt buckles and any sharp objects. No eating or drinking inside the Equipment. No Bubble Gum. No Silly String on or near the equipment. Silly String breaks down the vinyl and causes permanent damage to the equipment, Customer could be responsible for the full replacement value of the equipment and/or assessed a $100 cleaning fee if equipment is determined not to be permanently damaged. 

The surface on which we set up the inflatable must be flat (no more than 8 inches of slope over a distance of 15 feet) and clear of any sharp objects, such as glass, sticks and rocks, as well as pet droppings. There should be no low hanging tree branches or power lines overhead. Driveways (or streets for block parties) are fine, just be sure to let us know ahead of time. 

(Surface Requirements vary based on the equipment.)

Any damaged incurred to any Tennessee Bounce Parties equipment during the rental period is the Customer’s responsibility. Equipment left in extremely dirty conditions, will incur up to a $100 cleaning cost per item. Customer will be responsible for all repair costs including parts replacement, damage repair, and shipping. If equipment is lost stolen, not returned, or damaged beyond repair, Customer is responsible for the entire value of the Rental.

TBP Events now offers an optional damage waiver for items rented from us.

This allows you to pay a 7% fee that protects you from 80% of the costs of repairing or replacing

accidentally damaged items, up to $5,000

Please Note:

  • The damage waiver does NOT cover repair or replacement costs of items that are misused, mishandled or otherwise abused (example: a participant cuts the vinyl with a pocket knife). 
  • This Damage Waiver is NOT liability insurance.
  • This Damage Waiver does NOT cover theft, vandalism, silly string, misuse and/or abuse.
  • This Damage Waiver does NOT cover missing equipment.  TBP Events will bill for any and all missing equipment at new replacement cost.

If the damage waiver is declined and any rental items are damaged, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement. Customer is responsible for equipment from delivery until return.

Broken/ damaged equipment must be returned in order for the damage waiver to apply.


To see all details concerning our damage waiver, please review your contract.


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