VR Roller Coaster Simulator

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100% immersive experience

Over 28 different adventures to choose from. 360 degrees immersive experience. Holiday adventures available. 

360 Degree VR Experience

Vibration Technology

Equipped with Advanced Vibration Technology that simulates a real life roller coaster.

Wind Effects

Our wind system put riders right in the action to create the most realistic riding experience available.


Over 28 different amazing scenes to choose from. Breath taking views and realistic graphics that will immerse participants in each adventure.

Virtual Reality Simulator

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VR Rentals

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

Immersive yourself on our Virtual Reality Roller Coaster. This VR rental comes with 28 different virtual reality adventures to choose from. Scenes ranging from thrilling to kiddie, scary, and even holiday scenes are available. Our Virtual reality system can fit in pretty much any venue. Seating can accommodate two adults per ride. Great choice for corporate events and private events.

10 x 10 tent included with outdoor rentals.

VR Roller Coaster Simulator

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All Event Rental Companies Must Be Compliant With The State of TN In Order to Operate Legally.

  • Equipment Must Be Inspected and Permitted!
  • Must Carry Liability insurance!
  • Must Follow All Industry Guidelines!

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