Bungee Run Light Challenge

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Interactive Inflatable Rentals

Bungee Run Light Challenge

Gander at this cool, unique, and amazing Bungee Run with the Interactive Light Challenge! Get competitive with this awesome Bungee Run, and try to tap as many of your lights as you can in 45 seconds. With the electronic score board the person with the most light taps wins.

This inflatable will challenge your hand-eye coordination, endurance, and strength. With this game you have 3 competitors: the bungee-cord, the time, and of course your opponent.

Inflatable Colors are yellow, blue, and red.

Bungee Run Light Challenge

Did you know!!!

All Event Rental Companies Must Be Compliant With The State of TN In Order to Operate Legally.

  • Equipment Must Be Inspected and Permitted!
  • Must Carry Liability insurance!
  • Must Follow All Industry Guidelines!

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